Resident adviser at Skjoldhøj

The resident adviser provides you with advice and guidance related to your student life, your dorm life, or lend you an ear if something in your daily life is troubling you.

As resident adviser I support all the different communities and the social life at Skjoldhøj as well as providing you with personal guidance. I hope you will view me as a person you can confide in and as someone who will help you in any matter of life. I have duty of confidentiality, so everything you confide to me is private.

I can provide guidance in almost any matter for instance:

  • If you need to talk about your studies, if you’re feeling stressed, having trouble structuring you time etc.

  • If you need help solving a conflict with other residents or at your hallway

  • If you need guidance about more practical issues at the dorm such as the communities and social activities or if you have an idea for a new community or event 

  • If you need help with your economy, SU., debt etc.

  • If you have any troubles at all that you would like to talk about

You can contact me by phone or mail, and we can make an appointment. I am very flexible, and I can make appointments during the day, afternoon or evening.

Best regards

Maja Bjerg
Phone: 51 71 83 94 
Office: No 50A (Below hallway 50)
Office hours: Monday - Thursday


Other counseling (around the clock)

Alarm center (Police/ambulance): 112
Call this number if the situation is a danger to life or you need emergency response

Police: 114
You can call this number if your questions isn't an emergency

Lifeline – phone + 45 70 20 12 01
The lifeline is anonymous counseling over the phone or via a chat at their webpage for people who has suicide thought, relatives or for those who lost someone. They are open every day on the phone from 11am - 5am

Psychiatric counseling on the phone: +45 78 47 04 70
Offers anonymous counseling around the clock

Startline – phone +45 35 36 26 00
Anonymous counseling over the phone every day between 4pm and 11pm.

Counseling for children, young peope about sorrow – phone + 45 70 26 67 66
Counseling for people under the age of 28, who’s parents, sieblings, or friends who are deadly ill og dead.
The phone is open from 9am – 3pm

For people under the age of 25 years. At headspace you can call, mail or stop by if you have any troubles at mind.

Depression line – Phone + 33 12 47 74
the offer is for both people who suffer from depression og relatives related to the person. The phone is open every day from 7 – 9pm except for Saturday.

Anonymous alcoholic – phone + 45 70 101 224
Phone counseling every day between 8am and 12pm

Contact information

Name: Maja Bjerg


Telephone number: (+45) 51 71 83 94

Office location: Spobjergvej 50A (under dorm 50)


I'm at the office Monday to Thursday

Who to contact when?

Do you hav any administrative question about your lease, termination of lease, how to move internal etc. you can contact kollegiekontoret

Do you have any questions regarding furnitures, practical problems with the room, leaking pipe etc. you can contact the caretakers.