Bolignet Aarhus is the provider of broadband and tv connection on the college. The internet connection is a part of the monthly rent but will have an itemized price on the monthly rent billing.


Tv signal

Access to the tv-package in the individual rooms is not included in the monthly rent. To buy access to the tv-package for the individual room you will need to contact Bolignet Aarhus.

At the common areas there will be access to the full tv-package if you are living at an A, B or D type dorm. Be aware that the tv-package for the common area is only meant to be used for a television in the common area.

To use the tv-signal a television that support DVB-C and MPEG-4 is needed. If you do not have a television that support those formats you will need a tv-box.

See the able tv-package and the channels you can get here:

Info about ordering and prices can be seen here:

Channel search

Newer televisions will have automatic channel search. You will need to use network-id: 100.

Manuel channel search

Frequency: 306 Mhz or 306000 Khz

Symbol Rate: 6875 kilo symbols

QAM: 64 QAM modulation


Internet connection

All rooms have access to an internet connection through a RJ45 (regular internet cable) socket in the wall. If you want to use the internet wirelessly (WIFI) you will need to buy your own router.

All rooms are provided with a broadband connection up to 250 Mbit/s download and 250 Mbit/s upload. Be aware that different conditions may affect your internet connection. If you want to test your internet speed the proper way your computer should be connected to the internet socket directly by an internet cable.

If you want to be able to get speeds of 250/250 Mbit/s you will need a router with a gigaswitch build in. 

To test your internet speed, you can use the website

Be aware that there will be two RJ45 sockets in the wall. Only one of the will give you access to the internet. This would normally be the white one. See picture below.

Contact Bolignet Aarhus

Telephone number: 82505050




Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 10-19

Saturday 12-15

Broadband activation

When you move in at Skjoldhøjkollegiet you will have to activate your internet connection in order to use it. Bolignet Aarhus have made at guide that shows what do to. How to activate your internet connection