Housing for young people who are not students

Do you want a room at Skjoldhøj kollegium without attending an education? Then you can rent a room/keep living there until summer 2021 - contact info@kollegiekontoret.dk

If you want a 2-room apartment, you can rent it/keep living for 2 years, until summer 2022, without being in eduation.


Moving in at Skjoldhøj? Get at tour of the dorm

Are you considering moving to Skjoldhøj, but would like to see the place before. During June, July, and August you can get a tour of the place, hear about the many facilities, communities and more.

On the tour you can see the different types of housing if they are available, You can se clips, pictures and read more about the housing at http://www.skjoldhoej.dk/info/boligtyper/

Practical information:

  • The tours takes place at the following Wednesdays at 3 pm:
    10/6, 17/6, 24/6, 1/7, 8/7, 15/7, 5/8, 19/8 and 26/8
  • We meet at the center square in front of Lokal Brugsen (Spobjergvej 5, 8220 Brabrand)
  • Registration is not required.

Best regards

Maja Bjerg
Resident adviser

T: +45 51 71 83 94
A: Spobjergvej 50A, 8220 Brabrand                                        

Still no weekly cleaning checks undtil mid-August due to COVID-19

Due to Coronavirus, there will still not be any weekly cleaning checks until mid-August. It is therefore up to the residents at the dorms to ensure that the common areas remain neat and clean according to the house rules. If is not at all being kept clean and is in direct conflict with the house order, a cleaning company will clean it and the bill will be split between all the residents at the hallway.

Lokal Brugsen

We have taken some measures to ensure the customers and employees of Brugsen. All of our employees have been instructed with extra cleaning routines. But we need you as a costumer to follow  some rules as well.

As a costumer the following rules and guidelines will apply:

  • Everyone have to wash their hands before they enter Brugsen, this can be done at the toilets next to Brugsen
  • Everyone should keep a distance of at least 1 1/2 meters to each other, it's a small store, but it can be done.
  • Only touch items you are going to buy
  • Respect the discretion lines at the register
  • If possible pay with contactless card, the Coop app (With this you can pay with mobile pay, which is even better).
  • Don’t go shopping more than 1 person pr. Household. It is a small store, don’t fill it up more than necessary. 


Most communities have reopened, and it´s again possible to contact the caretakers in person, during officehours.

However, that does not mean that everything is back to normal, and you still need to remember to follow the Health Board´s recommendations to keep a safe distance and wash your hands thoroughly or clean them with sanityzer.

The distance requirements has now been reduced to 1 m and the assembly ban has been raised to a maximum of 50 persons.


Kollegiekontoret Aarhus still recommends that:

1. Wash hands before going out and when you return from common areas.

2. Do not throw hallway or kitchen partys for a lot of people.

3. If you are sick, only use the kitchen when alone, and clean up after yourself (better if you have someone else cook for you).

4. In dorms with shared bathrooms, have the sick person/person´s only use one bathroom and mark it clearly.

Remember to keep your distance to eachother, especially if guest´s are visiting.

If any doubts or questions about Covid-19, call the Corona hotline at +4570200233



Information about the values of Skjoldhøjkollegiet

Lately, we have experienced an increasing number of negative requests to the caretakers at Skjoldhøjkollegiet plus several incorrect and unfactual and unfair posts on social media, which is not in compliance with the set of values, it is expected to respect.

As a resident at Skjoldhøjkollegiets it is important the you know values of Skjoldhøjkollegiet. You can find the values of Skjoldhøjkolleigets here



If you want to get off to a good start at Skjoldhøj and be introduced to the many offers and opportunities available at the hall of residence. Sign up for the buddy program.

You will be matched with one of the residents at Skjoldhøj who share your interests. The only requirement is that you do at least one Skjoldhøj related thing. Otherwise it is up to you and your buddy to set the frame for your relation.

If you are interested in being part of the program, please send an email describing the following:

·        What you want out of the program, your expectations regarding the number of meetings, ideas for activities you might want to do, etc.

·        A little bit about yourself, what you like to do and whether there is something specific that you would like to be a part of in the college.

Send en e-mail to skjbeboerraadgiver@kollegiekontoret.dk


Do you want to give a new resident a good start at Skjoldhøj? Sign up for Skjoldhøjs buddy program.

The only requirement is that you do at least one Skjoldhøj related thing, such as going to the cafe, bar, walk in the beautiful surroundings or attend some of the many other things that Skjoldhøj has to offer.

Would you like to be part of the buddy program, send an email describing the following:

·        Why you want to be buddy, your expectation regarding the number of meetings and ideas for activities.

·        You may also write a little about yourself, your experiences with Skjoldhøj and what activities you like to do at Skjoldhøj.

Send an email to skjbeboerraadgiver@kollegiekontoret.dk

Grocery stores


 4A / Nightbus 43: 100 m.

3A / Nightbus 43: 800 m.