Encouragement: Have a house meeting and create a good living environment


In February new residents will move in, and I would therefore encourage all the common dorms with joint kitchen to arrange a house meeting. It is important to have such a meeting to ensure that you have some common guidelines for your new home. Therefore, I have attached a template for a house meeting that you can use, to the extent you wish.


Do you need help or support to have such a meeting, feel free to contact the resident adviser

In case of Corona

In the case of Corona, contact the infection detection on +45 32 32 05 11 and dial 1. The infection detection is open for calls every day at 08am -10pm.

Especially for you who share a common space:

  • Avoid using the shared kitchen and common areas when you have tested positive.

  • Ask your roommates / neighbors / family or friends from outside to bring you food

  • You can also store some food in your room.

  • Ask for help with shoppin

  • If you share a toilet pay attention to cleaning the toilet after use. If possible, you can arrange that the infected only uses one of the toilets.

It is also possible to contact the municipality in order to get a room at a Corona hotel. You can contact the municipality at the following number:

Weekdays at 10am – 13pm at telephone number +45 89 40 20 00

Weekends between 9am – 10am at telephone number +45 86 12 10 21

Read more at:https://en.coronasmitte.dk/infected



News - environmental screening


Environmental screening becuase of thetransformation of Skjoldhøjkollegiet.

Due to the financial situation at Skjoldhøjkollegiet, the lack of interest in the rentals and the poor state of the buildings, the board of the hall of residence has initiated a process to ensure that Skjoldhøjkollegiet will continue to exist in the future.

The new Skjoldhøjkollegiet will be a smaller hall of residence adjusted to fit the need for student housing in this specific area. For that reason, the intention is to sell off a part of the plot.

Such an extensive plan can be realised in 8-12 years, at the earliest.

Beforehand, several processes need to be carried through.

The first step is to carry out an environmental screening to expose any environmentally damaging elements in the current construction, which should be handled accordingly during the renovation or the demolition. Samples will be collected from many different places in the buildings, and the first environmental examination will take place on September 20.

Any questions in relation to the environmental screening can be directed to the caretaker by e-mail skjoldhoej@kollegiekontoret.dk

Covid 19 - when you live in a hall of residence

Prevent the transmission of covid 19, when you live close together.

Cleaning of the common areas

Cleaning of the common areas must be finished and approved by the caretaker before 29 november 2021.

The yearly thorough cleaning

Grocery stores


 4A / Nightbus 43: 100 m.

3A / Nightbus 43: 800 m.

Information about the values of Skjoldhøjkollegiet

Lately, we have experienced an increasing number of negative requests to the caretakers at Skjoldhøjkollegiet plus several incorrect and unfactual and unfair posts on social media, which is not in compliance with the set of values, it is expected to respect.

As a resident at Skjoldhøjkollegiets it is important the you know values of Skjoldhøjkollegiet. You can find the values of Skjoldhøjkolleigets here

Bike and scooter raid

It’s time for a bike and scooter raid. By the 21/6 all bikes and unregistered scooters will be marked with a yellow tag (as below). You must remove the tag from your bike/scooter on the 2/7 at the latest. The tag can be reused, so please return it in the caretaker’s mailbox. If the tag is still on your bike/scooter at the mentioned date, the bike/scooter will be collected by the caretaker.

Collected bikes and scooters will be stored for a period of 1 month, after which they will be discarded.

If your bike/scooter by mistake is collected, you can get it back by contacting the caretaker.

Questions can be addressed to the caretaker.


Housing for young people who are not students

Do you want a room at Skjoldhøj kollegium without attending an education? Then you can rent a room/keep living there until summer 2022 - contact info@kollegiekontoret.dk

If you want a 2-room apartment, you can rent it/keep living for 2 years, until summer 2023, without being in eduation.