Moving in at Skjoldhøj? Get at tour of the dorm

Are you considering moving to Skjoldhøj, but would like to see the place before. During June, July, and August you can get a tour of the place, hear about the many facilities, communities and more.

On the tour you can see the different types of housing if they are available, but if you have any special wishes according housing, please feel free to contact me before. You can read more about the housing at

Practical information:

  • The tours take place the 10th, 17th and 24th of June at 3 pm.
  • We meet at the center square in front of Lokal Brugsen (Spobjergvej 5, 8220 Brabrand)
  • Registration is not required.

During June, there schedule for July and august will be updated according to the summerplan.

If you have any questions regarding the tour, the dorm etc. your are welcome to contact me.

Best regards
Maja Bjerg
Resident adviser

T: +45 51 71 83 94
A: Spobjergvej 50A, 8220 Brabrand                                        

Start of new local newspaper Skjoldhøgen

There is a group of dedicated residents who will restore our old local newspaper Skjoldhøgen.
The idea is to create a monthly magazine, which should primarily have comic content, but also contain news relevant to residents of the Skjoldhøj. News from BR, associations, etc.
Content could be
- Show your interior design of the commonarea
- Food recipes
- Mailbox
- Horoscope
- "by the way, I mean"
Etc. etc.
Tuesday, 12.05.2020, 20:00 there will be a digital founding general assembly for Skjoldhøgen
Link above.
1. Election of conductor and speaker
2. Adoption of statutes
3. Election of new board
4. Proposals
5. Otherwise
We hope that people will support, despite the assembly being held digitally.

Opening of furniture depot and the study place at Skjoldhøj

The furniture depot will open again from today and is open as originally every Tuesday from 12.30-13.00 and Thursday from 7.30 - 8.00.

The study rooms open on Monday the 11th of May with the following restrictions:

  • There can be a maximum of 5 people in the study room at a time.
  • It is possible to book a place to study by using the booking system on the door.
  • Keep a two-meter distance.
  • Remember thorough hand washing and good hygiene.
  • Use of disinfection, wiping of tables, handles etc. is at your own responsibility since the dorm can’t provide sanitizers.

Do you want access to the study room contact

Lokal Brugsen

We have taken some measures to ensure the customers and employees of Brugsen. All of our employees have been instructed with extra cleaning routines. But we need you as a costumer to follow  some rules as well.

As a costumer the following rules and guidelines will apply:

  • Everyone have to wash their hands before they enter Brugsen, this can be done at the toilets next to Brugsen
  • Everyone should keep a distance of at least 1 1/2 meters to each other, it's a small store, but it can be done.
  • Only touch items you are going to buy
  • Respect the discretion lines at the register
  • If possible pay with contactless card, the Coop app (With this you can pay with mobile pay, which is even better).
  • Don’t go shopping more than 1 person pr. Household. It is a small store, don’t fill it up more than necessary. 

COVID-19: Recommendations from Kollegiekontoret regarding common areas

There are no set of guidelines from Kollegiekontoret regarding dorms with common areas, but they have made the following recommendations:


1. Wash your hands before entering the common area

2. Wash you hands after leaving the common area

3. Prepare food at different times during the day

4. Don't throw a party in the common areas/kitchens

5. Only be the number of people in the common area that ensures that you can comply with the distance guidelines of approx. 2 m from the nearest person

6. If you are ill, only use the kitchen when no body is around and keep it clean (It's best if you stay in your room as much as possible, and have people cook for you)

7. Help each other with cooking, shopping etc. if necessary 

8. Do you have shared bathrooms, it should be divide in two, so the person ill only uses one bathroom and it must be marked clearly.

If you follow the above recommendations, you should be able to avoid any contamination even though one of you should be sick. 

If you feel the least sick, try to stay in your room and contact the resident adviser at + 45 51 71 83 94. 

Regarding guests: It is Kollegiekontorets clear recommendation to avoid guests at the common dorms during this time. Meet them outside instead. If you want to have a guest over anyway, stay in the room, guests should not stay in the common area.

The common area is everybody’s kitchen / dining room, and it is not reasonable to take potential infectious carriers into your neighbors' living room.

If you have any doubts about quarantine or so, call the Corona hotline at 7020 0233.

These precautions are about breaking the chain of infection and that is a shared responsibility. Therefore, it is important to consider and comply with the recommendations of the Danish health authority. This is not a vacation and it must be taken seriously, so we don’t extend the current situations for longer than necessary. 

The guidelines from the Danish health authority’s guidelines are clear: WASH YOUR HANDS, KEEP DISTANCE, AVOID PFYSICAL CONTACT AND STAY HOME.

Regarding the Coronavirus/Covid-19

Prompted by the Government’s and the Danish Ministry of Health’s press conference yesterday, we will take these necessary steps:

  • All activity rooms, the sauna and the bar will be closed for now.

  • The caretakers’ offices’ will be closed for residents. You can contact the caretakers at email or on phone but not in person. 

  • The caretaker will at the moment not provide ordinary service for the residents – only emergency service (bursted water pipes etc.)

Unfortunately, the caretakers cannot provide you with hand sanitizers. You must provide yourself with sanitizers, soap etc.

The Danish Health Authority recommends everyone to follow this advice: 

1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, hand rubbing alcohol works as well.  

2. Sneeze and cough into the arm, not the hand. 

3. No handshakes, kisses on the cheeks or hugs 

4. Keep a distance to other people


I you have any questions regarding the situation, or if anybody at dorm is sick etc. you are welcome to contact me, the resident adviser at: or + 45 51 71 83 94

Setting up solar cells at Skjoldhøj

During the next weeks, solar cells will be set up at Skjoldhøj. They have already started by pulling cables in the basements, and from basements to roofs. This involves some noise from drills and maybe some craftsmen on some of the balconies.

The work with the cables is expected to be completed ultimo May

The buildings that are still getting solar cells is number:  30-36, 48-50



Information about the values of Skjoldhøjkollegiet

Lately, we have experienced an increasing number of negative requests to the caretakers at Skjoldhøjkollegiet plus several incorrect and unfactual and unfair posts on social media, which is not in compliance with the set of values, it is expected to respect.

As a resident at Skjoldhøjkollegiets it is important the you know values of Skjoldhøjkollegiet. You can find the values of Skjoldhøjkolleigets here

Grocery stores


 4A / Nightbus 43: 100 m.

3A / Nightbus 43: 800 m.