On the college we have our own laundry that can be accessed by all residents.

Prices (be subject to price changes)

Washing machines

30 degrees: 9,- DKK

40 degrees: 9,50 DKK

60 degrees 10,50 DKK

95 Degrees 13,00 DKK



0,25 DKK per minute


Using the washing machines.

Every wash is registered by the access chip and put on the following months rent.

Before and after you use the dryer, you need to clean the filter behind the latch under the drum.


DON´T colour clothe or fabric´s in the machines and underwear with braces needs to be put in a laundry bag.


Please remove your clothe from the laundry, otherwise the caretakers will remove it.


Laundry detergent

The machine is using its own detergent of the brand Ecobrite Emulsion M. It is environment friendly and without perfume + colorants. You are not allowed to use your own detergent.

Skjoldhoej Kollegiet can´t be held responsible for any personal belongings in the laundry´s