The room has a deposit Price 500kr and a rent 200kr- pay 700kr (cash) when Keys and money gets exchanged.

A typical rent is from 1 pm – 12pm the next Day. Unless something else have been agreed upon.

You aren’t allowed to smoke in the room.

Loud music are okay, as long as you remember to close the doors, so you don’t annoy your fellow dorm mates.


Wipe all tables

Wipe sofa table

Wipe sofa pillows (check between them if a guest have forgotten something)

Sweep the floor

Wash the floor

Check the fridge

Wipe the kitchen

All used cloths should be hung on the radiator so it can dry.

Empty all bins.

If all these tasks are done properly you get your 500kr back.


Contact tv.stuen@gmail.com for more information.